LIVE Updates Today: iPhone 14, Asteroids, NASA, solar storms, Moto Edge and more


LIVE Updates Today, August 23, 2022: Keep tabs on all the important news and events around the world of technology and space from a solar storm brewing, giant asteroid approaching the Earth, iPhone 14 leaks to NASA explorations and more.

LIVE Updates today- August 23, 2022: As the days to the Apple event nears, iPhone 14 leaks keep coming. Motorola is also planning to launch its Edge series smartphones in India. On the deep space end, the Sun is entering its solar maximum causing fears of a gigantic solar storm. NASA James Webb Space Telescope is also keeping busy as

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Need to translate text? Use this iPhone trick

This iPhone camera trick is amazing! Here’s how you can translate text using your iPhone’s camera. Works for Safari, Photos, Mail too. Check it now: iPhone camera trick: How to translate text using your iPhone

Motorola Edge Series could debut in India on September 8

Motorola to make announcements regarding new Edge series smartphones on September 8, just a day after Apple’s rumoured launch event. Details: Motorola to steal Apple’s limelight, plans to “Edge” out iPhone 14 series

Ola Electric Car might cost more than what you think 

Ola Electric car price has been teased by CEO Bhavish Aggarwal. The car could have a price ranging between Rs. 40 lakhs and Rs. 50 lakhs. Details: Ola Electric car price TEASED! To cost as much as BMW X1 SUV, see all details.

The price of this RARE custom-made Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will SHOCK you

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 modified by Caviar has actual meteorite samples in it. The price of one unit will shock you. Know all details: Wow! This Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has ACTUAL meteorite inserts, Guess how much it costs

Unbelievable pictures of Jupiter captures by the NASA James Webb Space Telescope 

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured some really stunning Jupiter images. The James Webb Telescope has been excelling in its capabilities since its launch in December 2021. Now, the JWST has added another feather in its cap by capturing Jupiter in all its glory. Check the pictures: NASA reveals stunning Jupiter images captured by James Webb Space Telescope

This is how a Black Hole sounds!

NASA has released a short audio clip of a black hole from a nearby galaxy. Here is how the Black Hole sounds to human ears. Check: This is how a Black Hole sounds! SPOILER ALERT: It is more scary than horror films


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