Netflix Heads Up! Game is here with decks from Stranger Things, Squid Games and more; just check this


Netflix has launched a party game inspired by the popular Heads Up! App called Netflix Heads Up! The game will feature 28 different decks from popular Netflix series like Stranger Things, Squid Games, Bridgerton and more.

Making its entry to social or party themed mobile games, Netflix launched its own version of the popular Heads Up! app. Known as Netflix Heads Up!, the game was released on August 23 for both Android and iOS platforms. The streaming giant describes the game as an exclusive version of the original game but with special categories to let players test out their Netflix IQ. The game features 28 different decks from popular series like Stranger Things, Squid Games and Bridgerton as well as Netflix social channels like GEEKED and Strong Black Lead.

Launching the game, Netflix stated on its blog site, “Today, we are globally launching Netflix Heads Up!, an exclusive version of the popular mobile game for all Netflix members with Netflix-inspired decks. The game is a twist on charades where players have to guess the words on another player’s forehead before the one-minute timer runs out”.

Netflix Heads Up! launches globally

The game will be available to download for anyone that has a Netflix subscription. That means globally 220 million people can play the game right now. To make the game more accessible, Netflix has added 15 languages to the game including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil) and Thai. Apart from Netflix-themed decks, an entertainment category has also been added to the game. These include genres like romcom, true crime and more.

The game is a digital take on the popular party game Charades or Who Am I, where players get a random note with the name of a character, movie, personality and stick it to their forehead so everyone else except them can see it. Then, the player must figure out what’s written based on the prompts and clues given by others.

This becomes the 27th game in Netflix’s game catalog. Previously the company has released popular titles like Stranger Things 1984, Moonlighter and Into the Dead 2. The company has previously stated that it wishes to release 50 games by the end of the year 2022.


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