Minecraft Live 2022: Know the date, what to expect and how to watch it online


Minecraft Live 2022 has been officially announced. Check the date, things to expect and know how to watch it online.

Minecraft live 2022, the biggest event of the year for the sandbox-style game, has just been announced. For the unaware, Minecraft Live is the streaming event where publisher Mojang reveals the next big update for the game and showcases teaser videos, concept art, in-game demonstration and some cool content around it. Apart from that, community-centric panels and segments are also held during the event. So, if you are over The Wild update and want to know what Minecraft is planning next, then you need to watch the event. Read on to know dates, things to expect and how to watch it online.

Minecraft Live 2022 officially announced

The gaming director of Minecraft, Agnes Larsson, revealed in a Minecraft Now event in august that Minecraft Live will take place on October 15, 2022. The information was also shared by popular Minecraft streamer and YouTuber PhoenixSC. While the time for the event is not finalized, in the last few years every Minecraft event has started at 12 PM ET (9:30 PM IST), so this can also begin at the same time but nothing can be said for certain.

Repeating after the previous year’s popularity, it is likely that mob votes are going to be back this year as well. Mob votes give the power into the community’s hand where they can vote and choose the mob they want to be added in the game. And Minecraft obliges.

There are also reports that Minecraft is trying to improve the game launcher to make Minecraft Live a more interactive event and fans do not have to just sit and watch but can also participate. For this, the official launcher will be getting an option for a new section where fans can keep track of everything that’s happening, chat and vote.

Also, keeping up with the ‘virtual experience’ trend, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is getting a new feature called ‘gatherings’. It will allow players to enter a multiplayer server and play mini games with other players, vote for mobs and interact with others.

To watch the livestream, players only need to go to the YouTube channel of Minecraft and watch it. The livestream video is expected to appear on the page a few hours before the official start time. Apart from this, many Minecraft streamers on YouTube and Twitch will also be hosting the show on their channel.


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