Imprinted Trap Gloo Wall Skin for Garena Free Fire to be launched soon


The Developers of Garena Free Fire will launch a new Gloo Wall Skin called Imprinted Trap. Here’s what we know about it.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royal games across the world. Though the Indian government banned Garena Free Fire along with other Chinese apps over security concerns, it is available in other countries. The battle royale game is popular for its interesting layout and engaging gameplay. A maximum of 50 players are allowed to play a 10-minute round and the one who survives till last becomes the winner. The players here need to get in-game characters and items like Gloo walls and others to survive longer in the game. These items and characters can be purchased via in-game currency. You can also acquire it by spending real cash. However, if you don’t want to spend money, there are some alternative methods like daily redeem codes that are released by the game itself.

Imprinted Trap Gloo Wall skin for Garena Free Fire

Gloo Wall is a basic item of Free Fire but it is used by every player. You can use Gloo Wall to shield yourself from enemy attacks. You can deploy a Gloo Wall at any location and get behind it to save yourself from direct enemy fire. Developers of Free Fire first introduced the Gloo Wall with a unique animation back in February of this year. Since then, they have constantly given out free Gloo Wall skins for players to customize it according to their own liking. Now, they are gearing up to release another Gloo Wall skin – the Imprinted Trap, according to freefirenews.con.

The Imprinted Trap Gloo Wall skin looks like a bank locker door with a colour scheme consisting of 3 colours – Red, Silver and Yellow. The silver colour wall has red accents with a yellow circle at the center. The new Imprinted Trap Gloo Wall skin is expected to be released at an upcoming Free Fire event, details of which are yet unknown. So, stay tuned to hear more about this upcoming skin and how you can get it.


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